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Athletics 3D Energy

$ 41 / AED 150

Brain & Body Formula 100% of herbal origin Food Supplement


Avena sativa extract       100 mg

Withania somifera          100 mg

GABA                             50   mg

Emblica officinalis         100  mg

Dicaffeine malate           100 mg

Ptycopetalum                 100 mg

Eleutherococcus ext       100 mg

Cordyceps sinesis          50   mg

Nicotinamide                  20   mg

1.Energy booster for students and athletes at times of physical and mental exhaustions.

2.Improve concentration abilities and comprehension.

3.For less than 6 hours sleepers to keep focus and avoid confusion.

4.Safe for cardiac, hepatic, renal, diabetic patients and pregnant females.


Dose: once daily

Contraindication: Non