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V Complex Ω3

$ 33 / AED 120

Multi-vitamin Booster 100% of Herbal Origin Food Supplement


Fish oil                 800 mg

EPA                      144 mg

DHA                     96   mg

Vitamin A             800 mg

Vitamin B1           1.1  mg

Vitamin B2           1.4  mg

Vitamin B3           16   mg

Vitamin B5           6     mg

Vitamin B6           1.4  mg

Vitamin B7           50   mg

Vitamin B9           200 mg

Vitamin B12         2.5  mg

Vitamin C             80   mg

Vitamin D3           5     mg

Vitamin E             100 mg

Vitamin K1           75   mg

1.HGeneral irreversible fatigue & continuous muscle strength.

2.elps to improve the energy levels and enhance mood and wellbeing.

3.Combined with all antibiotic courses without any risk of drug-drug interaction.

4.Mandatory for weight loss regimen.

5.Safe for cardiac, hepatic, renal, diabetic patients and pregnant females.

6.Reduce level of stress and anxiety and keep the nervous system functioning properly.

7.Improve brain function responsible for the mood.

8.Improves short term memory.

9.Free radicle scavenger.


Dose: once daily

Contraindication: Non