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Pre-Mature Eroboss

$ 123 / AED 450

Long and Strong Performance 100% of herbal origin Food Supplement


Urtica dioica root              50mg

Ptychopetalum                 50mg

L- citrulline                     100mg

Turnera aphrodiasic         50mg

Serenoa repen                 50mg

Red Korean ginseng      100mg

GABA                               50mg

Piper nigrum extract        10mg

1.Unique treatment for premature ejaculation plus erectly dysfunction for young and old ages.

2.Recommended to be used with Happy Life capsules if a psychological element is involved.

3.Recommended to be used with Joy Queen if loss of female desire is impacting male performance.

4.Recommended to be used with Prostate Protection capsule if patient has history of prostatic congestion. 

5.Safe for cardiac, hepatic, renal, diabetic patients and pregnant females.


Dose: first time use: 2 capsules then once daily (not only when indicated)

Contraindication: Non