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$ 41 / AED 150

Eye Protection 100% of herbal origin Food Supplement


Fish oil              800 mg

EPA                  144 mg

DHA                   96 mg

Vitamin A           400 ug

Vitamin C            40 mg

Vitamin E              6 mg

Selenium          27.5 ug

Zinc                      5 mg

Cu                     0.5 mg

Lutein                   5 mg

Zeaxanthine         1 mg

Marigold flower extract      50 mg

1.Sight weaknesses due to vitamin A deficiency.

2.For people with extended use of computers and mobile phones.

3.May help in slowing the fast deterioration of sight in young myopic patients.

4.Safe for cardiac, hepatic, renal, diabetic patients and pregnant females.


Dose: once daily

Contraindication: Non