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No Complication Diapathy

$ 62 / AED 225

Natural Protection Formula 100% of herbal origin Food Supplement


Pueraria lobata extract      100 mg

Alpha lipoic acid                100 mg

Vitis vinifera extract           200 mg

Vanadyl sulfate                    50 mg

Panax ginseng extract       100 mg

Piper nigrum  extract            40 mg

1.Essential for all diabetic patients to avoid neuropathic complication specially for young patients and patients with family history of diabetic complications at retinal, renal, cardiac and vascular levels which may lead to blindness, diabetic foot complication & amputation, angina & MI and renal failure.

2.Safe for cardiac, hepatic, renal, diabetic patients and pregnant females.


Dose: once daily

Contraindication: Non