Our Believes

Company Vision

    We are aiming to be Number One MEA Enabled company via Innovative management to get the maximum market Accessibility with clear KPIs using our Clinical & Scientific background and the company strong Infrastructure.
    Enabled Company.
    • Good data protection regulation (GDPR)
    • Following Mecomed compliance code of ethics and the newly released vetting system in addition to local compliance officer.
    •  Applying Securemate screening when hiring third party.
    •  We have a controlled expense system (SAB Concur ) for expenses transparency.
    •  Full IMS data access.

    Innovative management;

    • Non product related HCPs training to ensure ethical loyalty.
    • Soft skills training for non HCPs ( hospitals purchasing departments )
    • Smart tender management to avoid price ware via bundling, offering unique products, sol technical acceptance report,..
    • Young dynamic and highly diversified creative marketing team.

    Market Accessibility;

    • We have good access to media channels.
    • Using mobile phone applications for products promotion whenever allowed.
    • Paid social media campaigns after getting needed supplier and authorities approvals.

    Clear KPIs;

    • Good measurement and clear feedback for our partners re lagging and leading KPIs.
    • Handling concerns before becoming concerns.

    Clinical & Scientific;

    • Our name is Scientech, selling through knowledge.
    • We could help our partners for the new EU MDR guidelines that replaced MDD as PMS, PMCFU, CERs, SSCP, PSUR and the needed new ISO 13485
    • We could help for clinical trials via our A+ accounts and Tier 1 Drs network.
    Strong infrastructure;
    • We have free zone entity for easy importation and exportation ( Scientech Intervention AFZ )
    • We have good storage facilities ( Scientech Intervention Ajman )
    • We have main land facility to facilitate local sales ( Scientech Intervention LLC Dubai )
    • We have a clinical and marketing entity ( Scientech Intervention SARL Beirut )
    • We have a licensed medical warehouse ( Scientech Scienture Dubai )
    • We have European Hub ( Scientech s.r.o. Bratislava Slovakia )
    • We have a clinical entity ( CCM Hyatt Hospital Cairo )